Delsea Tech Support serves Delsea Regional School District, Township of Franklin Public School District, and Elk Township School District. We are involved in all areas of technology including, but not limited to: computers, printers, software, telecommunications, video distribution, video surveillance, and network security. 

If you have any technology questions or concerns please contact the technology department at

Department Information

Ryan Van Laeys, Director of Technology
(856) 694-0100 ext. 274

David Whittle, Network Specialist
(856) 694-0100 ext. 278

Dillon Widdifield, Network Specialist
(856) 694-0100 ext. 293

Brad Scott, Tech Operations
(856) 694-0100 ext. 289

Henry Lisitski, Computer Technician
(856) 694-0100 ext. 286