Transportation Office Staff


 Reeny Smashey - Transportation Supervisor - ext. 254

Leslie Rodriguez - Assistant Transportation Supervisor - ext. 295

Diane Veight - Dispatcher - ext. 195

Kim Clark - Trainer - ext. 253

Jennifer Ketcham - Business Agent - ext. 296

Fax: 856-694-4417 



It is the student’s responsibility to:
● Be at your stop 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time and visible for the
driver to see.
● Wait in the designated location for the school bus, facing the bus as it approaches.
● The bus will stop approximately 10 feet in front of the student. When crossing the
roadway to board the bus, you must cross in front of the bus and only cross when directed
by the driver.
● Walk to your seat, sit facing forward, keep feet on the floor and remain seated at all
times. If a project, instruments or sports gear, cannot sit on your lap, you will not be able
to bring it on the bus. Have parents bring it to school.
● Obey your bus driver at all times.
● Board the bus promptly and correctly.
● You must wear your seat belts.
● Observe the same conduct rules as in your classroom.
● Be courteous; use no profane language.
● Do not smoke on the bus.
● Do not be destructive. (No cutting, punching, writing, or tearing bus seats. Do not cause
damage to the bus inside or out.)
● Sit in your assigned seats. (The driver is authorized to assign seats.)
● Do not stand or not walk while the bus is moving.
● Do not block the aisle. (head, hands, legs, book bags, etc.)
● Do not throw objects in the bus.
● Do not throw objects out of the bus windows.
Do not spray aerosol of any kind on the bus (perfume, body spray, hairspray,
deodorant, etc,) people have allergies and this can be very dangerous.
● No fighting, kicking, punching, pushing, pinching, spitting, arguing, teasing, or taking
anyone’s property.
● Keep your head, hands, and feet inside the bus at all times.
● No toys, skate boards, large projects, or fund raiser items brought on the bus.
● A iPods, cd players etc., keep volume to a minimum, and students must not have
headphones on while entering or exiting the bus
● Keep the bus clean. (no gum, eating, or drinking) throw all trash in the trash receptacle.
● Do not attempt to ride on a bus other than the one to which you are assigned without
permission. Students are not permitted to ride another student’s bus without the explicit
written consent from both sets of parents or guardians. Notes must be sent to the central
office during homeroom.
● At dismissal it is your responsibility to board the bus within the designated time. Once
the buses have begun moving, you will not be able to board the bus, you must report back
to the office.